277 Broadway; Cambridge, MA

As residential construction becomes even more costly, modular construction has begun to step forward as a replacement for traditional site-built structures. KBS worked closely with AbodeZ Construction to create Park87 in Cambridge, MA. This 54-unit, 73, 078 square foot project was completed in 2010 and boasts some of the finest specifications in the modular industry. There were many advantages to choosing modular for this particular AbodeZ project. The tight, urban infill site had no room for traditional construction materials. After the foundation was completed the modules were placed within five days. One of the biggest cost benefits for modular in this case happens to be the ability for construction to be happening at the same time as site work. The modules arrive on site 90% complete. After being set the KBS crew continues working quickly and efficiently on site to bring the job to 100% turn key completion within just weeks, saving both time and money.

"Our old-school principles coupled with relationship building have allowed us to innovate – Mike Hamm, KBS Sales Manager"

What to Expect from your next Commercial Project with KBS

Ideal building conditions
Highest-quality standards
Less mistakes – more precision
Less waste production
Working together as a group
Ability to access tight building spaces
Detail features homeowners want

A Word from AbodeZ

“More than a provider of high quality modules, KBS has been a dependable partner in AbodeZ’s quest for better housing through innovation. The resourcefulness and dependability of the people at KBS were a critical factor in the successful implementation of our new housing model.” – Ling Yi Liu, AbodeZ Owner