Belgrade Place; West Roxbury, MA

Belgrade Place, a luxury apartment project set in Boston’s upscale, “leafy-suburb”, of West Roxbury, is a great example of KBS’ Commercial ability. This 39-unit project, boasting a 2-story parking garage underneath, represented the first new apartment complex construction built in West Roxbury in over 40 years. The units contain many upgrades and customizations, including tiled kitchens and baths, granite counters, hardwood flooring, and “comfort toilets”, that are normally only found in traditionally stick-built spaces.

In only five days, the building was up, complete and about 80% of the interior work was done. Very high quality. I explained to Ray that the tenants moving in here were willing to pay extra for all the bells and whistles. He included every upgrade we asked for. Now, the units look more like homes than apartments. Would I do a project like this again? Yes, but only if KBS was involved – Project Owner, Michael Barsamian

This project is a great example of KBS Building Systems’ ability to overcome building challenges and our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients. To start, this particular project had to meet the demanding criteria set fourth by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which required strict adherence to regulations put in place to retain the historical integrity of the neighborhood in which the project was being developed. These standards included everything from using real brick rather than synthetic hollowed brick to standards that had to be followed on roofing, normally things that can only be addressed in stick built construction. Luckily being a flexible, quick thinking company KBS was able to work within the regulations and meet all of the criteria put forth by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The accomplishments at Belgrade Place didn’t stop there though. Faced with a zero line lot to deal with there was no room on the construction site for traditional equipment like supply trucks, dumpsters and such making modular the most logical decision. In only five short months from the time the modular building was set on the foundation, it was turned over with an unconditional certificate of occupancy. The building owner had pre-rented out several units to residents who had made moving plans far in advanced, not a concern for KBS. We strongly believe that with the right people, projects can be turned around in a shorter period of time.